Brag alert!

We are incredibly proud of our very own Mikki Rodriguez, recipient of the 2019 Heart of Quality Award. Presented by Unigroup, our parent company, the award is given to moving coordinators with excellent customer service. This award is based on the feedback of the most important critics – our customers. Mikki has earned our customers' confidence and loyalty and deserves this recognition for achieving consistent service excellence. 

Some Friday nights bring more excitement than others! We were recently requested to assist a local manufacturing company in Pleasant Prairie transport product from their facility to a local warehouse for storage and shipping. We were handling up to 250,000 pounds per day as most loads were over 40,000 pounds each! On the last load George dropped the trailer and was on his way back into our facility when the right front steer tire failed. It is not often a steer tire goes; this was the first he had ever experienced.

Have you ever tried your very best, while being honest and forthright, and you still get burned?
Unfortunately that has happened to us over here at Otto Nelson recently. 

In a recent move we like to call "The Big Hoist" we moved some items out of a farmhouse with a narrow staircase by going through a second floor window and carefully lowering to the ground with a large crew and a ladder. Why do we do things like this? Because making our customers happy is everything to us. That is why George filled in on this crew when one mover was out sick for the day. That is why we have techniques called a "hoist". That's why we've been in business for almost 100 years. 

We did one of our first relocations for the Foxconn project on Hwy KR for a nice couple that were in an older farmhouse with barn, pole building, and detached garage. They really did not intend on moving…ever. George had filled in on the moving crews this day as we had one of our local drivers out with the flu. There was an extremely steep and narrow stair case to the second floor of this home, and bedroom furnishings that would not fit down the stairs. We had to go through the second floor window and lift these items down off the porch. This is called a “hoist” in our industry.

Recently, George flew out to Arizona to pick up Tom and Donna Nelson and drive them back... No motorhome this time though! On their way up, they ate dinner at an Olive Garden in Joplin, Missouri. Their server was Julia and she knew we were traveling through. Their server, Julia, was a very pleasant young lady who was in Missouri with a soccer scholarship at Southern Missouri University. She left them this note on their bill at the end of the meal. George made sure the store manager knew they enjoyed their visit, especially because of Julia's kind treatment of them. 

We had our summer employee appreciation party with the Otto Nelson crew at the Kenosha Kingfish game on Saturday, June 23, 2018. Jeff had arranged for George to throw out the first pitch, but something went "foul" on the plan and George wasn't on the list to participate... Oh well, there is always next year for George to try out his pitching arm! A fun time was had by all 44 of us!



As a board member at Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, George has witnessed how beneficial these scholarships are for our community. They're a great opportunity for someone who may not have the financial means to obtain a degree but would like to. Last year George was on the scholarship committee that interviewed 5 very bright and talented people. It was rewarding to see those that are working to put themselves and their family in a better position do so. 

We recently had a long distance customer from the Beloit area moving to Alabama by the gulf. There was an amazing amount of antiques in this home that were a treat just to see... with many one-of-a-kind items. The best way to protect for transport is to provide crating services. This order had 18 crates in total. This home was an old farm property that was very unique in its own way as well with an in-ground pool and pool house.



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